Hi I’m Kate Shaw and I’ve been working as a Salsa Dance Teacher since 2002 having qualified to attend the Latin School of Dance in London in order to obtain my professional Diploma.
Having previously  been working in the fitness industry for over a 2 decades now!!! I’ve taught them all, Step, Pilates, Aerobics, even Hool Hoop, and met some celebrates along my way too... . I'm also a qualified Zumba teacher since 2011.

I realized how much of my job involved mixing with people, which I loved the most. I also realized there is more to being a dance teacher then knowing steps... you have to be able to make everyone feel at easy and comfortable in a group setting, while keeping a up beat positive fun attitude, and also to... not take your self too seriously, laugh when you can, is the best medicine for life. I've now come to dedicate my life to teaching Salsa as a full time job. But more importunately to  bring everyone together as a social, friendly group.
My biggest honor to date is being place in the top 3 for 
The UK Best National Teachers Award for teaching Salsa in 2008
 (to include the massive London based schools)! 

"Dance crosses all boundaries you don't even have to speak the same language! 
You can express yourself without words it's addictive. When you dance it takes your mind off everything and you communicate in a way that is unique and special." (Kate x)