If you would like to speed up your abilities to 
dance Salsa, private lesson could be an option
 for you.  

Generally we have enquiries for private lessons from
people wishing to dance for a special occasions such
as their wedding, we will write an appropriate dance
routine for you depending on your wishes. 
You may wish to include a fancy move to add
that bit of 'extra' experience to your current dance routine. 

We will sit down with you and discuss what exactly
you are looking for from these lessons so you will
get a tailor made package. Depending on what you
want and how long you will need to book us for will determine cost, email me with your request and
I will try my best to fit it in as best I can. 

Just finished watching Mr & Mrs China do their wonderful routine, Chris went from complete beginner to this in
less then 3 months well done both, click here to watch
video of their special day. 

Feedback from Steve and Jenny Tattersal:- 
"Jenny and I wanted to learn a Salsa routine for
 our wedding. We'd never attempted Salsa before
but thankfully Kate and was exceptionally patient
and incredibly gifted teacher. In just 8 weeks we
went from total beginners to having the confidence
to perform a 3 minute routine in front of our 100
strong wedding congregation and everyone was very
impressed! Thank you for helping make our special
day even more wonderful." 
Luv Steve and Jenny Tattersall.