Finding your Party, Event Venue, Corporate Event, or just Team Building, is one thing getting it started is another.

If you hire 'just' a DJ what tends to happen generally.... small groups cluster, new friends and old friends tend not to mix they become a little inhibited and, this leaves the party fast growing stagnant and dare I say it boring! 

Ok, so we need to get them mixing, we need some fun activity to get the little groups together.  Introduce your party to a fun Salsa Lesson.

It can be just a few basic dance moves that would be easy to do for them, and for those that can't do it...well... that will give them something to smile about, now we have groups mixing and smiling, sounds better?

We have a full PA system, (no red/yellow disco lights around a square box sorry), but a discrete laptop that plays hours of your choice of music. 

If you hire us for the evening/day we will include the Salsa Lesson, plus we have a few other 'Party Games' that you can choose from depending on your group and event.

For more information contact Kate on tel/text Mobile :- 0750 6557692  or email me at